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How a centred mouse can help you reduce sick leave

28-Sep-2021 16:24:37 5 tips to reduce sick leave with optimized ergonomics

Good ergonomics prevents illness and injuries to employees. Conversely, poor ergonomics contribute to high sick leave and work-related illness. As such, there is every reason to invest in ergonomic solutions for employees to reduce sick leave.

28-Sep-2021 16:23:19 Benefits of a centred mouse

While there are many disadvantages to using a traditional mouse, you will find the same number of benefits using a centred, ergonomically correct mouse. Possibly even more!

28-Sep-2021 16:20:16 Sick leave and ergonomics - understanding the interlink

Sick leave and ergonomics are heavily interlinked. Neither body nor mind is designed to make small, repetitive movements for hours in front of a screen. Therefore, poor ergonomics is top of the list of the most common causes for sick leave.