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Do you know the rules for the home office in 2020?


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27-Jul-2020 13:40:15 The Anatomy of Ergonomics

You are obviously familiar with the concept, ergonomics. You know it's something that should be taken into account in your workplace and preferably also in your own home. But what's really behind the science of ergonomics and when and why did we..

26-Jun-2020 14:26:27 RollerMouse is like a Kinder Egg for architects

If you’re an architect or a technical designer, you probably spend many hours a day in front of your computer. You probably also have a lot of tasks that require working on multiple screens at once and tasks where details and precision are..

19-May-2020 09:37:17 How do you transition from a Hollywood production to everyday life?

If you last year had seen a news broadcast or newspaper article from the first months of 2020, you would probably have thought that it was a new Hollywood movie or sci-fi book. The surreal reality that the outbreak of the corona crisis has placed..