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Back to the office in 2021? Here are 8 things that will have changed

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Guide to HR: Help employees get back to the office

27-Jul-2021 20:48:06 Ergonomics in the office: How to put it on the agenda

It shouldn't have to get worse before it gets better. In fact, the best approach to ergonomics it to put iton the agenda before problems occurs. Proper working postures and equipment are not only important when lifting heavy objects - they are just..

26-Jul-2021 15:37:45 Prevent wrist pain during office work

After a long period of working from home it is now time to go back to the offiec. Why not take the opportunity of returning and replace the incomplete office solution with good ergonomic solution - and thus prevent pain in the wrists, neck, and..

26-Jul-2021 11:25:02 Return to the office: How to do it right

After a long period of working from home we are gradually returning to the office and a more ordinary working day. It can be a big upheaval, just like it was when you were sent home. But unlike when you were sent home, this time you can prepare and..