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Workplace ergonomics at your fingertips


It’s an all too common experience. In fact, statistics say that 25 percent of PC users working with a computer mouse suffer from discomfort or pain caused by repetitive motion, overstretching or from exerting pressure. Spending hours working at the PC with a standard computer mouse can cause neck and shoulder muscles to tense up and wrist and arms to ache or even hurt. “Mouse arm” or RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) are terms used to refer to a whole number of disorders that can make people’s working lives a misery.

Contour Design’s mission with its ergonomic input devices is to effectively prevent this type of discomfort and alleviate existing pain. Since its founding in 1995 Contour has carried out many years of research and development in workplace ergonomics and now boasts a wide range of award-winning products. One example of Contour’s many years of development work in this field is the Unimouse, a multi-adjustable vertical mouse which received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2018.

The Contour Unimouse offers a level of customization which surpasses that of any other vertical mouse on the market, as it adapts to the user and not vice versa - a key argument for its users.

‘Everything else on the market attempts to be one size fits all, but this means adapting my grip to the mouse, which I find uncomfortable. The Unimouse has an adjustable thumb support which allows the right fit for my hand, making it the best option for me”, says one satisfied user, while another comments: “The ability of the Unimouse to adjust the angle appears unrivalled on the market and this flexibility is perfect for finding the angle that works for you. In addition, my physiotherapist's advice has been to keep adjusting the angle of mouse I use to keep the tendons working in different ways to avoid overuse injury.”

A further newcomer to the Contour product confirms that the Unimouse has solved his problem: “Having had my Unimouse for a while now I can say that it’s definitely cured the wrist pain I was suffering. The key to this is the large range of adjustability it has, and I change the angle every couple of weeks. I’d recommend it to anyone. Give it two days to get used to and you won’t go back.’

For more information on the Contour Unimouse visit contour-design.co.uk


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