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Benefits of a vertical mouse

Advantages of a vertical mouse

It is no news that the use of the classic mouse causes damage that can be long lasting and difficult to get rid of. A vertical mouse is ergonomically designed and therefore ensures that you work under the best possible conditions.

A vertical mouse looks different for good reason

An ergonomic computer mouse aims to increase comfort and a natural working position. This means, you will most likely find that a vertical mouse looks different from the ones you are used to seeing.

And it is the different design that can help you avoid injury and pain in the long run.

Did you know:
"Two out of three office workers experience physical pain such as pain in the neck or wrist at work"
Source: the Danish trade union HK Stat

The list of benefits is long

We have listed the benefits you can get by switching to a vertical mouse. The list is long, simply because the vertical mouse is carefullydesigned to achieve the best results and to alleviate the physical problems that office workers often struggle with.

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By switching to a vertical mouse, you get the following benefits:

  • Prevention and reduction of pain and strain injuries such as neck and wrist pain
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • You avoid the cost of massage and physiotherapy
  • More precision in your work
  • Adjustable and ergonomic benefits

Source: Jarle marheim HSE consultant (health, safety, and environment) in Norway.

Prevent and reduce damage

Most people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer know about malaise and a general sore feeling in the body. A vertical computer mouse protects the body and helps you get avoid the feelings.

You get rid of nuisances very easily if you switch to a vertical mouse, as it affects the body, so you sit more ergonomically correct.

In addition, it reduces the risk of strain injuries, which - of not prevented - can lead to sick leave and chronic injuries such as tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) or general muscle pain.

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"A vertical mouse can be beneficial to use as a preventative, as this mouse allows you to have a more natural position in the wrist. This has been shown to prevent the most common office ailments such as pain and discomfort in the forearm and hand/fingers," says Jarle Marheim, HSE consultant in Norway, says in connection with pain prevention. He ads:

"At the same time, a vertical mouse such as Unimouse works in such a way that you vary the use of the mouse more than you would with a traditional computer mouse. And variation is the most important thing any office worker should focus on in terms of reducing pain and injuries.”

Avoid extra sick leave at work

It can be difficult to be efficient and perform at work if you often have sick leave due to recurring pain. Working with a vertical mouse helps you stay focused on what is important; your work and your physical well-being.

Avoid the cost of massage and physiotherapy

Once the damage is done, it must be treated. This can be both costly and time consuming.

For one, it is a big cost to visit a physiotherapist. For another it takes time, and often you have to go regularly for the treatment to work. The vertical mouse lets you spend your time and money on something else.

More precision in your work

In addition to reducing discomfort and pain, the vertical mouse also affects the precision of your work. The mouse is designed in a way that makes it much easier and faster for you to navigate and thus achieve better results.

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Adjustable and ergonomic benefits

The Unimouse has really good adjustable functions, which means that you get less pressure on the wrist when you use it, and your thumb gets a natural resting point.

By and large, a computer mouse is a small thing, but choosing the right computer mouse can have very great benefits for you and your well-being.

Are you one of those people who have experienced pain caused by classic office work? Then maybe you should read more about how a vertical mouse can help.

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