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Three Stars of Ergonomics: Balance Keyboard, Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest and Unimouse.


If you spend hours working at your computer every day, you may experience pain in your hands and wrists. Fortunately, there are tools that can alleviate or prevent such pain. Contour Design is a leader in the development of ergonomic mice, including the centred RollerMouse range – but that’s not our only story.

Three of our stars of ergonomics are:


Balance Keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard that can be adjusted to provide negative tilt, taking stress away from your wrists.
Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest
Providing comfort and support for your hands.
An ergonomic mouse with adjustable tilt and thumb support. You can adjust the mouse’s angle between 35 and 70°, and you can adjust the thumb support in all directions.


Together, this impressive trio ensure excellent support, provide a high level of comfort and allow almost infinite adjustment.

Whatever sort of work you do at the computer, our three stars of ergonomics will bring you greatly improved comfort. You can find out more here: https://contour-design.co.uk/three-stars-of-ergonomics/




54% experience discomfort or pain when working with computer mice for longer periods of time each day, so you are not alone if you suffer from mouse arm syndrome (RSI).


How do the work environment, work area and workstation fit together – and why are all these elements important in efforts to improve the work environment?