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24-Aug-2020 10:07:36 Do you know the rules for the home office in 2020?

We all know that the home office is not a new invention. Yet, in 2020 it has become a major part of many people’s life and it has found space in almost every home. It’s no longer a concept exclusively relevant to the self-employed. Now ordinary..

03-Aug-2020 09:33:29 One of the most asked questions about Contour ShuttlePRO

DaVinci Resolve is a video editing application available for PC & Mac, which is taking the professional and enthusiast market by storm. We hear customers talking about it a lot at creative trade shows, and our support team are often asked about..

27-Jul-2020 13:40:15 The Anatomy of Ergonomics

You are obviously familiar with the concept, ergonomics. You know it's something that should be taken into account in your workplace and preferably also in your own home. But what's really behind the science of ergonomics and when and why did we..