Contour Unimouse is DSA Approved


3 ways to improve your workflow


Three Stars of Ergonomics: Balance Keyboard, Balance Keyboard Wrist Rest and Unimouse.

24-Jul-2019 11:40:42 54% experience discomfort or pain when working with computer mice for longer periods of time each day, so you are not alone if you suffer from mouse arm syndrome (RSI).

The mouse and keyboard have proven themselves to be the main reasons for musculoskeletal pain and attrition. Even if you have not yet experienced any inconveniences due to one-sided repetitive work, an ergonomic mouse can still help to prevent..

27-Jun-2019 09:17:18 How do the work environment, work area and workstation fit together – and why are all these elements important in efforts to improve the work environment?

It is becoming widely accepted that there is a direct link between the work environment and productivity in the workplace, so how do we improve the work environment and to what extent do the tools we work with directly impact the work environment in..

12-Apr-2019 09:30:41 It’s easier to become more active than you think – and your heart will thank you for it

We are bombarded with advice and rules on how much we should move every day if we are to have a long and good life. But even though it may all seem overwhelming to a paralysing degree, your heart will thank you for being more active. Being efficient..