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Going back to the office after COVID-19? Here are 8 things that will have changed

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Guide to HR: Help employees get back to the office

27-Jul-2021 20:48:06 Ergonomics in the office: How to put it on the agenda

Conditions do not have to get worse before they get better. Especially when it comes to pain during computer work. Good ergonomic habits can help. 

26-Jul-2021 15:37:45 Keep your wrists pain-free during office hours

Having worked from home for ages, we are now returning to the office. A shift that gives us the perfect opportunity to ensure total office solutions with good ergonomic support. Thus, helping us keep pain in the wrists, neck, and shoulders at bay.

26-Jul-2021 11:25:02 Return to the office: How to do it right

After working from home for an extended period, we slowly return to the office and have a more ordinary workday. It can be a significant upheaval, similar to when you were sent home at first. But unlike then, this time you can prepare and plan.