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One of the most asked questions about Contour ShuttlePRO


DaVinci Resolve is a video editing application available for PC & Mac, which is taking the professional and enthusiast market by storm. We hear customers talking about it a lot at creative trade shows, and our support team are often asked about compatibility by customers who are interested in buying a Contour ShuttlePRO, our popular multimedia controller.

If you’re a keen video editor, finding quality professional level editing software can be an expensive affair, often requiring a continuous subscription service. Part of DaVinci Resolve’s popularity is because it’s completely free! DaVinci Resolve costs nothing to download and use, and it maintains a high quality as it’s the software platform that underpins Black Magic Design’s professional editing hardware range. This software is proper pro stuff, for nothing!

So why is it free? The theory is quite simple; start to use the software, and as a videographer or broadcaster, you’re more likely to consider buying their hardware. It’s a similar strategy to how Apple used iTunes to build a customer base for iPods and iPhones, and it’s an approach that works very well.


Is DaVinci Resolve any good?

Davinci Resolve has become my editing software of choice, and not simply because it’s free. It offers many advanced features; up to 8k resolution video compatibility, an advanced and easy to use multi-track timeline, excellent transitions and effects, colour grading, and a comprehensive range of video output formats. If you’re a YouTube or Vimeo fan, there are even pre-sets included to allow you to create videos for your social media projects. Why pay for these features when you can get them for nothing?

It’s fair to say that the interface can be a little overwhelming for beginners, but the new Cut Page in version 16 allows for a simplified editing interface that will allow you to learn the ropes. The reality is, as with applications like Photoshop CC, there are more features than the average user will ever need, but as you become more experienced, you’ll not be locked into a basic application that prevents you from growing your creativity. It’s free, so it’s worth downloading and giving it a go.


How can Contour ShuttlePRO improve your work with DaVinci Resolve?

Most creative applications have a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that allow you to access common features. DaVinci Resolve is no exception to this with literally hundreds to choose from. No video editor uses all of them and most people max out at 10 to 15 favourites, but even having easy access to a handful of these can really speed up your workflow. Contour ShuttlePRO allows you to access your favourite shortcuts easily, which is why it’s such a popular device with video editors.

 Combining a jog shuttle control with 15 programmable buttons, it works alongside your conventional mouse, but places all your favourite keyboard shortcuts in your spare hand. Chris Watkins called the Contour ShuttlePRO one of the best kept secrets in video editing, and it’s well worth watching his video here


Contour ShuttlePRO will improve your workflow in DaVinci Resolve

The Contour ShuttlePRO uses a neat driver program on PC & Mac to allow it to work with a wide range of applications, including DaVinci Resolve.

Install the driver, plug in your Contour ShuttlePRO, start DaVinci Resolve and you’ll be instantly able to scan your video timeline using the shuttle control. Fifteen buttons are pre-programmed to insert, split and overwrite video clips, add markers, mark in and out, undo/redo and a whole host of additional functions which are popular in DaVinci.


It’s possible that these pre-sets may not suite your personal workflow, and if this is the case it’s very easy to re-program the buttons to perform the tasks you need them to. If it can be done on your keyboard, it can be mapped to Contour ShuttlePRO, meaning that your favourite settings are always within reach, saving you lots of time and unnecessary keyboard finger acrobatics.

In his video review, Chris Watkins reckons this is the best bit of kit he’s ever bought.


If you’re interested in purchasing a Contour ShuttlePRO v2 take a look here.

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